Majesty's Flex Wafer

We developed a vehicle (a unique wafer) to give your horse five joint support products; 2500 mg Glucosamine, 2500 mg MSM, 1250 mg Yucca, 600 mg Chondroitin and 500 mg Acsorbic Acid in one easy-to-use palatable Majesty's Flex Wafer...

Majesty's FlexHA Wafer

Designed for performance horses, Majesty's Flex HA Wafers™ use the same supplements as our Flex Wafer but doubles the Yucca and the Ascorbic Acid and adds 150 mg of of the highest
amounts in the industry.

Majesty's Bio+ Wafer

Our new Majesty's Bio+ Wafers utilize our tried and true vehicle (a nutritional wafer) to give your horse 30 mg 99% Pure Biotin, 1500 mg Methionine, 750 mg Lysine, 41 mg Zinc and 4 mg Copper...

Majesty's Omega Wafer

Omega fatty acids are considered essential to supporting a healthy immune system. They also have been shown to support improvement of hair, coat and hoof condition. The Omegas, especially Omega 3, are lacking in food sources so must be added as a supplement. Always check with your veterinarian and farrier before using any supplement.